AnimatorsERA Testimonial

"This was my first one and it gave me the Zeal and Vigour for my Professional outlook . At first I thought "What can we learn from an Online Internship ?" , but when the Internship was over I was totally different, I have learnt that we should work very hard to meet our expetations . It has changed my thinking and improved my skill set a lot. I will never forget the experience MyWebERA gave me and I love it. It was worth spending time with MyWebERA" Abinay Bingumalla, NIT, Warangal, India

-- Abinay Bingumalla

"Working with MyWebERA was an eye opener for me in the field of business, marketing and organizing events. I learnt that even though we may plan extensively for a particular cause, things do not turn out as we expected and we always need to be on our toes to make those split second decisions that count" Mohamed Atyab, MyWebERA International Intern, BITS Pilani, Dubai Campus

-- Mohamed Atyab