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How to Advertise With Us

With our dynamic web advertising properties, MyWebERA helps advertisers produce spectacular results from campaign related sponsorships, creative banner advertising, promotions, contests and data acquisitions.Our website attracts highly educated users globally with strong purchasing power, most sought after by advertisers in today's world.

With multiple Online Advertising opportunities across our web pages, MyWebERA can help advertisers reach towards their goal faster. MyWebERA now is the only comprehensive Online Talent Showcase platform in India and is most sought after by advertisers.

Presently we offer two types of advertising options for our advertisers:



All our banner ads click through to the advertiser's page in a new browser. You can choose from an array of static and interactive banners that will be placed at key positions throughout MyWebERA. The best part is, you may decide out of the 4 offerings of MyWebERA, in which one you would like your advertisement to be tied up, or may decide to have your advertisement in all the 4 platforms. Check out the options below for more details:


Standard Rectangular Banner

Rectangular banners appear across all pages in the bottom portion in 2 blocks and after login in the right hand side of the 4 home pages of PaintersERA, AnimatorsERA, GamersERA and PhotographersERA 


  • For bottom blocks: 468x60 pixels
  • For right side block: 234x60 pixels

Types: Standard Image                          


Electronic Direct Mailer (eDM)

EDMs will be sent via email to all registered users who have chosen to receive newsletters and promotions from MyWebERA. All dedicated EDMs can be delivered to a selected target group in our database, and will click through to the advertiser's website in a new window.


File types: HTML (inclusive of images)

Max file size: No limit

Title: Maximum 8 words


Contact MyWebERA Sales team ( for more information and to discuss advertising on MyWebERA

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